Eigg Box – What is it?

Eigg Box will be a new space for artists to make and do creative work.  The newly built eco workspace on the Isle of Eigg will bring together local island creative businesses with artists from around the world.

Established as a self-sustaining social enterprise, Eigg Box will be a powerhouse of creative activity, entrepreneurship, inspiration and collaboration. However, unlike its urban counterparts, Eigg Box’s eco-built studios and creative workspace will be on the Isle of Eigg; a community-owned, renewably-powered island, off the north-west coast of Scotland with a population of less than 100.

Eigg Box turns on its head the notion that a centre of entrepreneurship and creativity needs to be at the centre of population.

Eigg Box makes the remote central.

The Why?

Other similar (mainland) projects have shown providing high quality, custom built working space increases productivity, reduces isolation, and offers tenants the opportunity to share costs, collaborate and pitch for work jointly. Time spent as a visiting artist-in-residence can motivate, transform and inspire creative practice, and bring new skills and perspective to a local community.

For island-based artists and creative businesses, Eigg Box means somewhere better to work, companionship and creative collaboration and a working environment with fewer distractions and more focus than the kitchen table! Eigg Box also offers the chance to share everything from skills and ideas, to the electricity bill, marketing and training.

For Eigg it means new and more diverse island businesses, providing much needed local employment, helping retain and grow our population and providing community benefit.

For visiting artists, Eigg Box means coming to join a vibrant and supportive group of like-minded creative souls and experience Eigg community life. It offers artists the chance not just to work in a different (and very beautiful) place, but also engage with the Eigg community, with ideas, issues and concepts that are out of their norm and challenge perspectives on what living on an island is all about. At the end of the day, we all live on an island, Eigg is just a bit smaller!

Click here for what Eigg Box will provide.

Funding willing, Eigg Box will open in 2016.

Over to you

You can follow our day to day blog on Tumblr, or keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter or Blip.

Eigg Box is, in many ways, a crowd sourced idea. By that I mean it’s an vision that people on the Isle of Eigg and further afield have helped to build and will keeping building now and into the future. You can contribute too, with your thoughts and ideas on what Eigg Box could mean to you. Sign up for a newsletter (right hand side sign up box) or get in touch and tell me what you think or ask questions HERE.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Lucy Conway

PS Looking for info on Eigg? Here’s the Isle of Eigg website


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    1. Many thanks Sophie, it’s so good to have such positive feedback. And thanks for the link to Paroles de Salagou; what a lovely project. I could see something like that happening here, with all the history of Eigg!

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